Keepsake Design Options

The choice is always yours...

Here at Megan Goldner Designs, we have various design options when it comes to Keepsake items with memorial ashes.
The most important part to remember is that as all cremains are different in colour and consistency which will create a unique piece of Keepsake jewellery.  The below options are possible with most cremains, with most of our designs and serves as a guideline only.
You can read more about the difference of cremation ashes in our blog post:  Cremation ashes – A world of wonder

Cremains Visible

There are 2 options:

The choice is always yours and you can choose not to add any colour/shimmer to your design.
This option will leave the cremains in a pure state and most often will have the appearance of granite stone when set.
The cremains are visible over a coloured background. This can be a single colour or any combination of colours.
You can also choose to add any of our shimmers to this option.
This option is popular with blue / purple / black background and silver shimmer.

Cremains NOT Visible

This is a great option for when you still want a Keepsake product, but you do not want others to know.
Again, there are two options:
This is a great option to have your imagination go wild. Choose a mix of your favourite colours, flakes and shimmers, give us a general idea of what you want and allow Megan the creative space to work her magic.
Pictured: 6mm Original Inlay ring with a dark background containing cremains with Amythest and Sapphire flakes rounding off the look.
Keepsake Classic Halo Pear Ring
If you are looking for a more traditional design, we can make your dreams come true.
Almost all our designs can be customized to accommodate cubic zirconia, real semi or precious stones with cremains sealed in behind them.
Please note that with translucent and light-coloured stones you might see the cremains through it.  Cubic zirconia stones are used as the standard, but please feel free to get in touch if you would like us to quote on semi or precious stones.
Pictured: Our Keepsake Classic Halo Pear Ring with cremains hidden behind a clear cubic zirconia stone.

Keepsake Stones Only

Although we can custom make most ring and pendant styles for you, we understand that sometimes you have a jeweller in the family or in your circle of friends that you also wish to support. 

Let us create a MGD Keepsake Stone Only, made out of your loves one’s ashes that you can send to your own jeweller to be used in your design.

Various stone styles and sizes are available and our MGD Keepsake stones can be made with cremains visible, or not visible, and/or can be personalised with any of our free colour and/or shimmer pigments.

MGD Keepsake Stones Only
You are welcome to contact us to discuss if this will be a good design option for your order.
WhatsApp: 0718532323
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