General questions:

9ct Yellow and Rose Gold

925 Sterling Silver 

We also use Copper, Brass & Bronze

Nope, no bricks & mortar for us.  But although we mainly only exist online, you are welcome to come by the studio by appointment.  Please call Megan on 071 853 2323 to make arrangements.

Having trouble figuring out your ring size? Head on over to our Size Guide.

Silver, base metals, chains and stones are sourced from reputable national and international suppliers.

All natural materials are sourced with extreme care, looking closely at the quality and the life of the insects and plants that is being used in our resin jewellery. 

Feathers, snake skin and plant materials are collected from parks, the garden around the studio or the countryside.

We do no harm any insects in the making of our jewelry.

Yes, absolutely! They also look beautiful on a chain.

Order and payment questions:

We have a couple of payment options available:

1.  You can process an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) from your bank account.

Orders will only be shipped when funds have cleared in our account.  Please note if you make a Direct Debit, where you pay money in at an ATM, please add R45.00 for bank charges.

2. Pay from your PayFast account or use PayFast instant EFT:

PayFast payment service enables easy, secure and instant transfer of money for your purchases.

Information on our PayFast payment gateway:

  • PayFast process all credit card transactions. All credit card transactions are 128 bit Secure Socket Layers (SSL) encrypted. The company registration documents and the site registered domain name are checked and verified, ensuring the cardholder and merchant that nobody can impersonate PayFast to obtain confidential information
  • PayFast is committed to providing secure online services. All encryption complies with international standards. Encryption is used to protect the transmission of personal information when completing online transactions PayFast Internet servers are protected by firewalls and intrusion detection systems
  • The Merchant (Megan Goldner Designs) does not have access to credit details.
  • PayFast continually reviews and enhances its security in line with technological changes.

See detailed information about payments with PayFast here.

Yes, as soon as you have placed your online order, you will receive an automated email from the website notifying you that the order has been confirmed and this email will also include your invoice.  

We do not send a printed invoice with your goods.

Your information stays privately with us and we wouldn’t ever want to spam you. It’s important to have a way for our customer service team to contact you about your order so nothing surprising happens! Inaccurate credit card information is a finger’s slip away and occasionally your selection is so stellar that it’s on backorder. We also want to make sure you get our email confirmation as a record of the order. Working with customers makes us happy; we just need a way to keep the lines of communication open.

We ship to anywhere in South Africa.

We do not ship internationally.

When we ship your order, you will receive a tracking details via email.

Alternatively,  can check the status of your shipment by logging in to your account, and clicking on your order.

Please see our Delivery Information page for more information.

If you receive an order confirmation email and notice a mistake with the order, please email us on with the details. 

We will respond to you as soon as we are able to.

Once you place your order, please know we cannot make changes as this can lead to confusion on our end and an unhappy experience for customers. Please make sure you are certain on your design choice before confirming your order. This includes coloring options for resin pieces.

You can enter the discount coupon code during the checkout process. The discount will be applied to your purchase after you’ve entered your code and clicked through to the next screen.

You will receive an email after purchase which contains your gift certificate information and discount / store credit code. You may print and/or email as you please. 

Keepsake jewellery questions:

A ‘Keepsake’ is something that you keep to help you remember a person, place, or event : a memento or souvenir.

Keepsakes in the MGD world includes items such as human and animal cremains, hair, fur, lace from a wedding gown, wedding flowers, beach sand, rocks and pebbles, buttons, breast milk, or anything that you deem to be special to you.

We work with an extremely high volume of orders, and currently this can take 1 – 8 weeks from the time your order, payment and Keepsakes are received by us, until it is ready to be sent.

We work as fast and efficiently as possible to have your beautiful jewellery home to you, however please be mindful that our services is high in demand and everything is created by hand.

Please see our Delivery Information page for more information.


We will need 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon of ash for each item. Please DO NOT send more than this, unless you have an unusually large order.  If you are unsure, please email us.

We can work with however much you have so please contact us via email if you are worried that your amount is too small.

If you are sending something irreplaceable, please do not send us all of what you have!  We have no control over the courier service and although we have never had any unfortunate incidents, we can only take responsibility for your package when it is with us.  All unused ashes will be sent back to you with your order.


A ‘tuft’ of hair with a minimum length of 1cm.  We can combine hair from more than one person.


Half a teaspoon for 1 – 2 pieces


Enough to cover approximately 1 teaspoon and please ensure they are fully dried.

More information on the above is provided after an order is placed 

It is really quite easy! 

Once you place an order an new tab will open in your browser with the MGD Keepsake Jewellery Information sheet.  This form contains in depth information needed to send your package safely to us.  The MGD Keepsake Jewelry Information sheet will also be emailed to you with your courier collection waybill. 

More information can be found HERE

The short answer is YES, but dates and times is dependent on Megan’s schedule.

Please contact Megan directly to make arrangements for this option.

Most inserts are organic in nature,

There might be slight imperfections or unevenness in your final product.

Breast milk and cremains comes in many different hues and the pictured items are examples only. 

Each item is cast by hand, which allows for each piece to be a unique piece of art.  

Colors of all materials vary from person to person, so there will never be a piece which looks exactly like the next. Please remember each piece is handmade from start to finish, so won’t be flawless like you receive from machine made items. If this is something that may be of concern please discuss with us first as handmade jewellery does not look like store bought, mass produced, factory finished pieces.

All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only… Actual product coloring may vary slightly due to visual enhancement of computer screens and photo image.   This is a handmade product and slight variations and imperfections may occur. 

For visual effect, White and Grey hair is not suitable to be captured inside resin as is tends to turn translucent. 

We will only guarantee sending back remaining ashes and hair.

Once you place your order, please know we cannot make changes as this can lead to confusion on our end and an unhappy experience for customers. Please make sure you are certain on your design choice before confirming your order. This includes color options for resin and Keepsake pieces. 

Please check our refunds policy in terms and conditions. Each piece is crafted with heart and soul by Megan.

Each piece takes time, and being handmade there is never a guarantee of a machine finish like something you will find in a store. We understand that each piece holds an emotional bond and connection, however as an artist, Megan can only work with the materials she receives in a way that works for that particular piece. What you see on the website is a picture of someone else’s finished piece, this may not be what you will exactly get – However possibly very close! 

Colors and textures play a huge part in how each piece will work, and by purchasing a design in our store, you are happy to purchase handmade (with love!) and accept there may be slight imperfections. 

In saying this, if there is something wrong with your order which clearly shows was a flaw that could have been managed (judged case by case), we will happily take a look at this and work with fixing your precious item for you. If you feel overly anxious about allowing another person to handle your items (with love and respect) to create your precious keepsakes with, then perhaps having us create for you right now isn’t the best time.

You are also more than welcome to give Megan a call to chat about the process if that will set your mind at ease.

We care dearly about our customers and their heart felt possessions.

Our entire Keepsake range can be personalized with shimmers and colors to customize the items, but unless it’s an original idea, we unfortunately do not take requests for custom Keepsakes.

We pride ourselves on integrity and refuse to copy other artist’s designs.

If you have an original idea, please feel free to get into contact with us 🙂

~ Only YOUR own materials will ever be used in your Keepsake jewellery.   All materials are clearly labelled & organised to ensure we give our 100% promise guarantee.

~ We promise to keep all information and stories relating to each piece of jewellery confidential, unless otherwise granted permission to share.  We do, however, reserve the right to share any and all photo’s of the final products on our website and social media platforms. 

~ We work with all materials with love and respect for the families and their journey’s which brought you to us.

~ We will ensure our best handmade quality is put in to each item.

 ~ We will treat your packages and jewellery with the love, respect and dignity each piece deserves.

Resin questions:

These jewellery art pieces are made by hand with a special preservation process. As with any handmade item, there may be unique characteristics like bubbles, mold  lines, and flecks, but they will not harm your item. Every effort is made to reduce bubbles and I’m always trying new preservation techniques, but these inclusions do happen.

I see these inclusions as a beautiful part of the piece, symbolizing the uniqueness of the item. I hope you enjoy your jewelry as much as I enjoy making it!

Regarding the color of your pieces, coloring is completely dependent on your ash / milk color and composition.

Resin jewellery is very strong in its hardened state, but here here are some tips to keep your resin pieces in tip top condition:

As we all jewellery, remove your resin jewellery when showering, swimming, sleeping, washing hands, applying creams, perfume or any other beauty products.  Also avoid harsh chemicals as they can strip the color from your resin jewellery piece.

Do not expose your resin piece to extreme hot or cold conditions. For example, do not leave it in a car on a hot day, or have it close to a heat source like an open flame or hair dryer.  Resin becomes malleable when it heats up too much, or can become brittle with extreme cold.  If your resin piece becomes too hot or cold, allow it to come back to ambient room temperature before handling in excessively.  Do not store in direct sunlight. 

If a piece of metal becomes unstuck from your resin piece, DO NOT use regular superglue to stick it back.  Superglue (or any other glue for that matter) will damage your resin piece.  Please contact me if this happens.

Resin can be cleaned with soft cloth, mild soap and water.  You can restore your resin’s shine with a polish made for plastic.

Please do not let your babies, or pets pull, suck or bite your resin jewelry piece.  Your resin jewellery piece is delicate. 

Please keep in mind that current resin technologies (the jeweler’s grade molding medium) have varying degrees of slight yellowing over time (UV light speeds this yellowing as the hardeners absorb UV light). It is the nature of the substances; usually the solvent hardeners that are the problem. Chemically speaking, some companies (the ones who advertise “non-yellowing resins”) add blue tint to these hardeners, or UV absorbents to try to make the clarity last, but since the absorbents are not catalytic, they eventually break down, and the resin gets a yellow tint-if you have taken chemistry, think of it as a half-life.

As such, when purchasing these pieces as keepsake jewelry, or to “pass down to someone,” please keep this in mind. It does not change that your  keepsakes are encased and preserved, just that the coloring may slightly change in 2, 5, or even 10 years. I use a resin that is specifically made for jewelry, but in my experience, and the experience of older jewelers under whom I have mentored who have been working with this substance for 35+ years-all resins slightly yellow eventually. I don’t want this to deter you from purchasing a piece, I only want to be honest and transparent about my work.

Keepsake and custom items design time:

We respect our, and your time, and therefore the design time allocated to custom designs is 30 minutes.

The 30 minutes is included in the price of the items.

This usually includes 3-5 emails which is enough time to come up with personalized items and settle on a design.  This also includes, but not limited to: WhatsApp conversation exchanges, and phone calls.

Should the design time, emails or any other method of conversation exceed this time, I reserve the right to charge a pro-rata design fee of R550.00 per hour. 

I will advise you when we get to this point, so no unexpected design fee charges will be added onto your invoice without you knowing about it.

ALL expedited orders will be charged at an additional rate of R350.00.


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