Is casting ‘handmade’?

I have been thinking about the process of casting jewelry for quite some time now, and if it still constitutes as ‘Handmade’ and thought I would post a few thoughts. There are a couple of methods in which jewelry can be casted, and all the methods requires some degree of skill, fabricating and finishing the Read More

The process of making a ring

The process of making a ring Making and designing a ring might not sound like a whole lot of work to the person buying online or walking into the studio to purchase, but in reality, there are so many steps involved, it would make you stop and appreciate the skill and craftsmanship going into it Read More

Introductions done and dusted

Hi! Welcome to my very first blog entry for Megan Goldner Designs! I am Megan Göldner, the creative designer, the CVO (Chief Visionary Officer), the manufacturer and my own tea lady 😀 My work is inspired by shapes, sizes, textures, colors, sounds and feelings that is evoked when I look at an object.  My desire Read More