Mica pigments

Natural Form One of the initial questions that most people have regarding mica pigment is the most obvious: what is it? Mica is the name given to a group of Read More

Keepsake thoughts

I sometimes sit and ask myself ‘Why am I making Keepsake jewellery?’, and it always comes back to a few thoughts that is constantly my driving force.. Losing a loved Read More


The History on Silver The word silver is from the Anglo Saxon name, “seolfor”, and from the Latin name Argentum, we obtain the periodic table symbol for silver, Ag. This precious Read More

The process of making a ring

Making and designing a ring might not sound like a whole lot of work to the person buying online or walking into the studio to purchase, but in reality, there are so many steps involved, it would make you stop and appreciate the skill and craftsmanship going into it if you knew. Read More