Keepsake Jewellery - How does it work?

→  Choose your item, check out online and pay for your order:

Payment with:

  • Payflex pay now (Immediate payment in full)
  • Payflex pay later (Interest free installments)
  • PayFast (Immediate payment in full)
  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer from your bank to ours)
    EFT reference number:  Order number
    SMS the Proof Of Payment to 0718532323. 

If you pay from inside the bank OR at an ATM, please add R75.00 to the amount for bank charges. 

→ The MGD Keepsake Information Sheet will automatically download to your computer as soon as your order has been placed.  Please print and complete the form and send with your Keepsakes.
This form contains packaging instructions.  
All inclusions MUST be accompanied by this form as it ties your Keepsakes to your order. 

If your download is lost in cyberspace, you can also request a copy via email ( by quoting your order number.

  Seal the completed MGD Keepsake Jewellery Information sheet along with your Keepsakes in an envelope with your name and order number clearly written on the envelope.  We receive many parcels on a daily basis, and this form will identify your parcel when it reaches us. 

  The Courier Guy will collect the item/s from you Monday – Thursday, 08:00 – 16:00.  We do not collect / courier parcels on a Friday, weekend or public holidays.

Please make sure that the parcel is ready for when the driver gets to you.  If you neglect to send the parcel on the arranged date, the courier will be cancelled and you will have to send the parcel to us at your own additional cost.  

  Your order will be added to the production schedule  as soon as we have received your Proof Of Payment and Keepsakes.  Please see our lead times here.

  Your completed order will be sent back to you via the same courier along with any unused Keepsakes.

Please also see our FAQ here.

We understand that sometimes more than 1 or two Keepsake items is needed, and therefore we offer a 10 % discount on your cart total with your purchase of 4 or more standard* items in the Keepsake range.

Choose EFT as your payment method, then please email Megan on with your order number before you make payment so that the discount can be applied manually.

*Discount excludes any items that is on sale on the website.  
These items are indicated with a red 'SALE' badge.
*Discount excludes custom designed items.

Megan Goldner Designs offers a range of free colours, shimmers, flakes and flecks to personalize your design.

All you need to do is note your colour / shimmer / flakes choices to the ‘Notes’ section while placing your order.  

You can also choose to keep the inserts natural and not add any colour. 

We also have a paid range of synthetic crushed opal which will take your personalization to the next level.


We can work with the least possible amount of cremains, hair or breast milk possible.

General rule to thumb:

Cremains – 1/4 – 1 teaspoon of ash for each item. 

Please DO NOT send more than this, unless you have an unusually large order.  If you are unsure, please contact us. 

Hair:  A ‘Tuft’ of hair with a minimum length of 1cm. 

Flowers, fabric, sand, rocks or any other organic materials:  We will need enough to cover 1 tablespoons depending on the product.  Please check with us if you are unsure.  All items must be 100% dry before sending it to us.

Breast milk & Umbilical cord – We no longer work with breast milk or umbilical cord. Please see all the information HERE.

More information on the above is provided to you in the MGD Keepsake Jewellery Information

It is really quite easy! 

All packaging information can be found on the MGD Keepsake Jewellery Information sheet wich will download to your computer after your purchase. 

Kindly follow the packaging instructions carefully in order to avoid spillage of your inserts during transit.

The simple answer is that we want to give you the most cost effective option to get your items to us, or delivered to you.

Sometimes companies will advertise ‘Free Delivery’, when in fact, the shipping fees is added into their product price.  This might not be a bad thing when you look at the price of a single item, but when you purchase multiple items, you are paying multiple hidden shipping costs.  We are MGD feel that this is unfair towards our clients, so we show you upfront what shipping is costing us (we don’t add mark up on shipping) and you.

We hope that this clarifies the shipping costs on our website, but if you have any questions, please feel free to email Megan directly on:

See our detailed Delivery Information and lead times.

As soon as you have placed your online order, you forward the artwork to with your order number as reference.

The picture doesn’t have to be a specific format or size, but we do ask that you hold your camera perpendicular to the drawing when you take the photo, or that you scan the picture to your computer.  As all artworks vary, we will send you a sample of what the piece will look like for approval before starting on the final piece

We understand that purchasing a Keepsake items is an emotional process and we would like to give you peace of mind by making the process as easy as possible.

You will receive regular updates from us regarding your order.  Please be on the lookout for these.

Your parcel will stay sealed in it’s envelope, in a safe and secure filing space until we are ready to work with it.

All work surfaces is thoroughly cleaned and sterilized so that we, and you, have the peace of mind that there is NEVER any chance of cross-contamination. 

Your parcel contents is handled with care and respect during the process, and work surfaces are again cleaned and sterilized after we are done working with your inserts.

All Keepsake inclusions must be 100% dry when you send them to us.

Please do not send more than the required amount as it might incur extra courier fees which will be charged to your account. If you are unsure about the amount to send, please contact us.


Frequently asked questions:

You can see our Frequently asked questions HERE


Unfortunately, Megan is also no stranger to the loss of loved ones and beloved pets.  In October 2003 she lost her brother in a tragic car accident and more recently, in June 2017, she lost her dad to a heart attack.

Megan’s thoughts on the Keepsake memorial items she creates:

‘I believe that by creating a tangible Keepsake Jewellery item, I am also creating an intangible experience of having your loved one close to your when you need it most.  By doing what I do, I am helping people heal in the most personal way possible, which in turn, helps to heal me.’


MGD #designingmemories
What our customes say.fw

  • positive review  Ek kan nie vir jou vertel hoe baie hierdie pragtige pendants vir ons beteken nie. Dankie dat ons n stukkie van ons oumie nou veraltyd saam ons kan dra. Baie dankie vir al jou moeite en dat jy dit so vinnig vir ons gemaak het. Baie dankie vir ons Pocket hearts met die mooiste briefie. Dit is n baie spesiale geskenkie.❤️🙏🏻

    Simone Oosthuizen Avatar Simone Oosthuizen

    positive review  Megan was absolutely incredible with my necklace. The presentation and professionalism was next level. I’ll definitely purchase again ❤️

    Amber Stodel Avatar Amber Stodel

    positive review  Thank you very much for the beautiful keepsake ring! it’s perfect and dainty and exactly what I was looking for. The service you provide is invaluable, thank you Mrgan!

    Taryn Donald Avatar Taryn Donald
  • positive review  Megan is exceptional, she goes the extra mile and includes you every step of the way. Her jewelry is stunning and so special. I highly recommend her keepsake jewelry. Thank-you Megan 🌸

    Linda Doman Moller Avatar Linda Doman Moller

    positive review  I just want to say THANK YOU so much for my piece of art. Always admired your work. Thanks to Megan Goldner Designs I get to take a piece of my girl with me wherever I go. I will definitely be making use of your service again and will recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you for your assistance, time and patience in the beginning🐾❤️🐾

    Vanessa Hill Avatar Vanessa Hill

    positive review  Just wanted to thank you once again for the amazing service and more importantly the most beautiful jewelry to keep my dad close to us at all times!! The care, service and the jewelry have totally exceeded out expectation and we could not thank you enough! It means the world to us 💜 THANK YOU!!!

    Leandré de Reuck Avatar Leandré de Reuck
  • positive review  My keepsake beads are beautiful and so special that my 4 legged children will always be close. Made with such care, Megan took so much time with this to make sure they were perfect… and they were first time! Thanks Megan

    Liezl Theron Avatar Liezl Theron

    positive review  Thank you so much Megan for my beautiful woodlands vintage keepsake ring, I love it so so much.

    Yvette Olivier Avatar Yvette Olivier

    positive review  Excellent and professional and caring service! Beautiful designs made exactly how we wanted! Thank you for the beautiful gifts!

    Natalie Capes Avatar Natalie Capes
  • positive review  Megan was amazing and helped me custom make a braclet that was perfect. Thank you Megan for giving me something that will always be special to me

    Clarissa Jacobs Avatar Clarissa Jacobs

    positive review  So happy with my ring! Thank you Megan! 💚🌿💚

    Yulia Glas Avatar Yulia Glas

    positive review  Megan has a heart of gold, an angel by Heart, Best service, Amazing Keepsafe Ring made by her for someone special. She did everything just right. ♡

    Stephanie Mathiesen Avatar Stephanie Mathiesen
  • positive review  My mom and me just love our “matching” keepsske necklace and ring. thank you so much for making this so special

    Anne-Mart Stemmet Avatar Anne-Mart Stemmet

    positive review  Words can’t express how much I cherish my mini Vivere pendant. From start to finish Megan was amazing – she kept me updated every step of the way and consulted me throughout to ensure that it was exactly what I wanted. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect final product. Thank you Megan for creating the most incredible keepsake of my breastfeeding and motherhood journey. 💛

    Kim Eberhard Avatar Kim Eberhard

    positive review  This team made my 30th birthday gift really, really special! Thank you for walking the extra mile and just providing such stunning pieces of art ❤️

    Leande Bezuidenhout Avatar Leande Bezuidenhout
  • positive review  I received my gorgeous ring today. I am so happy. thanks soooooo much

    Yvette DeWet Avatar Yvette DeWet

    positive review  Baie dankie vir ons onthou! Stunning diens en stunning werk!

    Stephanie Blaauw Avatar Stephanie Blaauw

    positive review  Received my jewellery! Even prettier than it displays on pictures and such friendly, warm service. Will definitely recommend!

    Maddie Viljoen Bylsma Avatar Maddie Viljoen Bylsma
  • positive review  just love the designs. beautiful

    Leandra Opperman Avatar Leandra Opperman

    positive review  Ek het my ring set ontvang. Ek is verlief.. So Baie dankie Dat Ek kan deel in jou beautiful hande werk. Dankie ook vir spoedige diens en terugvoer. Groete Cindy Van Staden

    Cindy van Staden Avatar Cindy van Staden

    positive review  Megan made me my stunning rose petal memorial beads that came out so beautifully ! Brilliant customer service from her and I was included in every step of the process – I’d definitely recommend her services and work 🥰

    Hayley Pedersen Avatar Hayley Pedersen
  • positive review  Words cannot express the how happy I am that I found Megan. She made this beautiful keepsake necklace after I lost my darling Scrabble, my 15-year old cat. From the very first moment she made me feel at peace and comfortable, and made the effort to give me a call to explain exactly how the process works. She made my beautiful keepsake necklace so quickly and truly understands what her clients are going through. She has exceeded my expectations and has brought closure to not only me, but to my husband as well. Bonus: she added these cute heart pockets, and we can take our boy with us wherever we go. Megan, thank you SO much. I will eternally be grateful. You are absolutely an angel sent from heaven. ❤️❤️❤️

    Natanya du Plessis - Mostert Avatar Natanya du Plessis – Mostert

    positive review  Great great customer care and beautiful work delivered as promised!! Amazing value for money – would recommend her to anybody without a doubt!

    Claire Hudson van Aswegen Avatar Claire Hudson van Aswegen

    positive review  So passionate about what she does!! Best product and service ✔

    Michelle De Jager Avatar Michelle De Jager
  • positive review  I cherish my keepsake necklace every day. Thank you for giving me some beautiful from something painful.

    Kyleigh Malkin-Page Avatar Kyleigh Malkin-Page

    positive review  I ordered a keepsake necklace for my moms birthday and she really loves it. It was a really special gift for her and it wouldn’t have been possible without Megan. She gave us a beautiful and special item to remember my grandfather. Thank you Megan!

    Nicole Megan Sherratt Avatar Nicole Megan Sherratt

    positive review  Great customer service and the quickest turn around time. Thank you so much Megan.

    Lindy Koekemoer Avatar Lindy Koekemoer
  • positive review  Ek kan nie genoeg dankie sê vir Megan vir my pragtige ring nie. Ek is verlief en versot op my ring. Sal Megan regtig aan beveel sy is super awesome. Haar werk is uitsteekend en so mooi. Kan nie wag om my volgende pragstuk te bestel nie

    Helet Jordaan Avatar Helet Jordaan

    positive review  ❤️ Love my pendant made in memory of my Mommy

    Adri Myall Avatar Adri Myall

    positive review  Thank you Megan. My beautiful husband will be close to my heart always ❤️

    Melissa Rowlston Avatar Melissa Rowlston