Cremation ashes – A world of wonder


The following post contain graphic descriptions and photographs of cremation ashes and/or processes.

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A World of Wonder – The Unexpected Beauty of Cremation Ashes

Imagine holding a tiny urn in your hands, its weight a whisper of the life it once contained. Within, a world of wonder unfolds, not in vibrant hues, but in the subtle dance of light and shadow, a testament to the unique and extraordinary being who is now gone.

This is the world of cremation ashes, a world where beauty emerges from loss, and where memories find a new form to hold onto.

For us here at Megan Goldner Desings, we are in a world of wonder marvelling at the uniqueness of each special parcel we receive.

Each person is a universe unto themselves, a tapestry woven from experiences, relationships, and the quiet hum of their own existence. And just as each life is unique, so too are the ashes that remain.

Forget the sterile uniformity of textbooks; cremains are a kaleidoscope of colour, ranging from the soft whisper of pearl to the rich depths of umber, to the deepest shades of obsidian and charcoal.

The fascinating range of colours and textures we see in cremains is primarily influenced by these key factors:

  1. the composition of the cremated body
  2. the physical appearance of the cremated body
  3. the chosen cremation method.


The human body is primarily composed of four elements:  Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen & Nitrogen.

Additional elements found in trace amounts include Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, Sodium, Magnesium to name a few.  The specific proportions of these elements and their combustion characteristics contribute to the difference in appearance of cremains.


Physical appearance:

The physical appearance of the cremated body speaks volumes. An animal, or infant leaves behind a whisper of a few kilograms, while the weight of a life well-lived rests heavier in the hand. The average weight of a cremated adult human is 2 – 5 kilograms.


Cremation Method:

Traditional Flame cremation will typically create darker shades of ashes due to oxidation taking place whereas Aquamation (or Alkaline hydrolysis) is a gentler, eco-friendly alternative that uses water rather than flame that leaves behind ashes that are lighter in hue, a testament to the purity of the journey. 

Connecting ashes and energy

While the scientific elements tell one story of colour and composition, some believe a subtler narrative unfolds – the whispers of the energetic body.

For each life holds a unique symphony of vibrations, an essence woven from personality, experiences, and the very spark of life force. And just as this energy shaped their living presence, it echoes even in the quiet hush of ashes.

No two souls resonate at the same frequency, and just as each person and pet carries a distinct personality, their energetic signature remains woven within the cremated remains.

The playful exuberance of a dog might manifest in lighter, sun-kissed hues, while the wisdom of a long life painted in the embers of deep earth tones. Every nuance a testament to the individuality that transcends even the veil of physical form.

Nature’s own fingerprint, no two sets of ashes tell the same tale. Explore the kaleidoscope of shades and textures, each a brushstroke on the canvas of a remarkable existence.

Ashes / Cremains
Ashes / Cremains
Ashes / Cremains
Ashes / Cremains
Ashes / Cremains
Ashes / Cremains

So, the next time you hold an urn in your hands, remember that it is not just a vessel of loss, but a canvas of memory. In the swirling shades of ash, a story unfolds, a testament to the life that once burned bright.

It is a world of wonder, waiting to be explored, a reminder that even in the ashes, beauty endures.

We know that losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences we face. For over a decade, we’ve helped countless families navigate this time with care and understanding.

You can trust that your loved one is in our gentle and experienced care. We handle every step with respect and dignity, ensuring a seamless and comforting process for your family.  Let us guide you through this difficult time with personalized care and attention to detail.

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