Keepsake thoughts

I sometimes sit and ask myself ‘Why am I making Keepsake jewellery?’, and it always comes back to a few thoughts that is constantly my driving force..

Losing a loved one is perhaps, if not, one of the most difficult situations everyone will have to face.

As Norman Cousins once said, “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”

Whether the passing was expected or not, no one can ever truly be ready for the emotional turmoil that grips us all after such a life-shaking event. After a loss, a person will, of course, go through a period of mourning, but many feel a sudden sadness that comes along with the happy memories shared, even years after the loved one has passed. 

Keepsake jewellery offers a creative outlet for me, which is in itself a healing experience, and through it, it serves and enables my clients to hold a small part or remembrance of a lost family member or friend, not only during the time of mourning, but many, many years later as well.

These beautiful pieces of jewellery lend an elegant and timeless element to your jewelry collection, while you can keep part of your loved one close to you.

Some families, who either did not have their loved one cremated, or are not comfortable separating the ashes, even supply dried, crushed ceremonial flowers, earth from the grave site, or even a small lock of hair in the pendants. We have even had people place different memorabilia in the pendants, not to memorialize the passing of a loved one, but to celebrate a special event, such as a wedding or graduation or to immortalize a favorite memory. .

While losing a loved one is indeed a heartbreaking event, we must not concentrate on the harder times suffered, but on the happier times shared with those people; however, sometimes that can be difficult to do. With a beautiful keepsake jewellery piece, one can create an individual remembrance that is discreet enough to wear in any occasion, and will bring comfort and happy memories at any time they are needed.

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