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Keepsake Jewellery - How does it work?

MGD Ordering process

Choose your item, check out online and pay for your order:

Payment options available:

  • PayFast (Immediate payment in full)
  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer from your bank to ours)
    EFT reference number:  Order number
    SMS the Proof of Payment to 0718532323. 
  • Payflex Pay Now (Immediate payment in full)
  • Payflex Pay Later (Interest free instalments)

If you pay from inside the bank OR at an ATM, please add R75.00 to the amount for bank charges. 


Once we have received your order and/or payment, we will book The Courier Guy to collect your Keepsakes from you.

Collection times:

Monday – Thursday, 08:00 – 17:00.  We do not collect / courier parcels on a Friday, weekend or public holidays.  

Unfortunately, we do not have control over what time the courier will arrive at your door, so please make sure that you choose a day on which you (or someone else) are available the whole day to hand your parcel to the courier.

The courier booking waybill and packaging instructions will be emailed to you as well as updated on your order notes.

We will let you know as soon as we have received your parcel.

NB!  The Lead time is determined from the date (whichever comes last) the order / payment / inserts have been received. Regrettably, no orders will be processed up until payment has been received.  Once everything is in place, your order is added to the production line.  


We will start your order ASAP and will sometimes communicate progress and progress photos via WhatsApp. Once completed, your order will be sent back to you via the same courier along with any unused Keepsakes.

Please also see our FAQ here.

We can work with the least possible amount of cremains, hair or breast milk.

General rule to thumb:

  • 1/4 – 1 teaspoon of ash for 1-4 items.
  • Place the measured amount into 2-3 Zipseal baggies.  Do not send containers with lids as these tend to open up during transit. 
  • A ‘Tuft’ of hair with a minimum length of 1cm. Please send as much as you can with a maximum of 0.5cm diameter bundle. 
  • Place into a Zipseal baggie.
Flowers, fabric, sand, rocks or any other organic materials 
  • We will need enough to cover 1 tablespoon depending on the product.  Please check with us if you are unsure.  All items must be 100% dry before sending it to us.
  • Place into a Zipseal baggie.
Breast milk & Umbilical cord 
  • 10ml of breast milk is required with every order.  We can generally make 1-3 items with this amount of milk. 
  • We do not work with umbilical cord.
  • Seal fresh or frozen milk into a breast milk storage bag and make sure all air has been removed.
  • Then place in 2-3 Zipseal bags taking to care to properly seal every Zipseal bag to avoid spillage during transit.  Do not send containers with lids as these tend to open up during transit. 

Once your Keepsakes have been sealed, place the Zipseal bags into an envelope with the following details written on it:

  • Name & Surname
  • Cell Number
  • Order Number

When the courier collects from you, they will provide you with a shipping bag.  Place your envelope in the shipping bag, seal it and hand it over to the courier driver along with the Shipping waybill that has been emailed to you.

Please DO NOT send more Keepsakes than stipulated above, unless you have an unusually large order.  If you are unsure, please contact us.   All unused Keepsakes, with the exception of breast milk, will be sent back to you with your final order.

We understand that sometimes more than 1 or two Keepsake items is needed, and therefore we offer a 10 % discount on your cart total with your purchase of 4 or more standard* items in the Keepsake range.

To claim your 10% discount, choose EFT as your payment method, then please email Megan on with your order number before you make payment so that the discount can be applied manually.

Discount exclusions:

* Discount excludes sale items.
* Discount excludes custom designed items.
* Discount excludes value added services like extra design time, engraving, repairs, resizing, refining, extra lengths on chains and special ordered chains and stones.

Megan Goldner Designs offers a range of free colours, shimmers, flakes and flecks to personalize your design.

All you need to do is note your colour / shimmer / flakes choices to the ‘Notes’ section while placing your order.  

You can also choose to keep the inserts natural and not add any colour. 

We also have a paid range of synthetic crushed opal which will take your personalization to the next level.

Why am I paying shipping costs?

The simple answer is that we want to give you the most cost-effective option to get your items to us or delivered to you.

Sometimes companies will advertise ‘Free Delivery’, when in fact, the shipping fees is added into their product price.  This might not be a bad thing when you look at the price of a single item, but when you purchase multiple items, you are paying multiple hidden shipping costs.  We are MGD feel that this is unfair towards our clients, so we show you upfront what shipping is costing us (we don’t add mark up on shipping) and you.

We hope that this clarifies the shipping costs on our website, but if you have any questions, please feel free to email Megan directly on:

See our detailed Delivery Information and lead times.

We understand that purchasing a Keepsake items is an emotional process and we would like to give you peace of mind by making the process as easy as possible.

You will receive regular updates and possible progress photos via WhatsApp from us regarding your order.  

Your parcel will stay sealed in it’s envelope, in a safe and secure filing space until we are ready to work with it.

All work surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized so that we, and you, have the peace of mind that there is NEVER any chance of cross-contamination. 

Your parcel contents is handled with care and respect during the process, and work surfaces are again cleaned and sterilized after we are done working with your inserts.

Frequently asked questions:

You can see our Frequently asked questions HERE

Unfortunately, Megan is also no stranger to the loss of loved ones.  In October 2003 she lost her brother in a tragic car accident and in June 2017, she lost her dad to a heart attack.

Megan’s thoughts on our Keepsake creations:

‘I believe that by creating a tangible Keepsake jewellery item, I am also creating an intangible experience of having your loved one close to your when you need it most.  By doing what I do, I am helping people heal in the most personal way possible, which in turn, helps to heal me.’


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