Keepsake Jewelry - How does it work?

The ordering process:

  • Choose item and pay for your order online via PayFast, Mobicred or EFT.  If you are processing an EFT, please note your Order number, Name & Surname as the reference.  Please also ask the bank to SMS me the Proof Of Payment to 071 853 2323.  If you pay via direct debit, inside the bank or at an ATM, please add R45.00 to the amount for bank charges.
  • On your order, specify the date on which you wish us to send a courier to collect the inserts from you.  Please note that this date can be up to 7 (seven) business days after the order has been placed. The Courier does not operate on weekends of public holidays.
  • Download, print and fill in the MGD Keepsake Jewelry Information Sheet (Click here to download).  There will also be an automatic download to your computer after the order has been placed.
  • If your download is lost in cyberspace, you and download it again.  The download password will be emailed to you with your order confirmation.
  • If you cannot find the password, please email Megan for the password or form.  Please remember to quote your order number as reference.
  • Seal the completed MGD Keepsake Jewelry Information sheet in an envelope with the inserts.  We receive many parcels on a daily basis, so this form is important as it will identify your parcel when it reaches us.
  • We will book The Courier Guy to collect the item/s from you during office hours on the date that was specified in your order.  Collections will take place Monday – Friday, 08:00 – 16:00.
  • As soon as the collection has been booked, we will update your order and email you the courier waybill which must be printed and handed to The Courier Guy with your sealed envelope on the day of collection.
  • We will update your order as soon as we have received the package.
  • Your order will then be slotted into the production schedule and will be sent back to you with The Courier Guy.

Color, shimmer, flakes and flecks

Megan Goldner Designs offers a range of free colors, shimmers, flakes and flecks to personalize your order with.

All you need to do is take a look at what we have and add this to your order details within your notes. 

You can see the options on our color chart HERE.

MGD Keepsake Jewelry Information Sheet

In MGD Keepsake Jewelry Information Sheet download, you will find important information on how to package your inserts and get your parcel ready for courier collection.

This form must be sent with your parcel as it will identify your parcel as yours.

The MGD Keepsake Jewelry Information Sheet will automatically download after the order has been placed, or it can be downloaded again after the purchase has been completed.  The password will be sent to you with your order confirmation.

If your download is lost in cyberspace, you are also welcome to download if from HERE.

Please note that the website file download is password protected, and you will have to enter in in order to download the file.

How to package your items:

It is really quite easy! 

Once you place an order an new tab will open in your browser with the MGD Keepsake Jewelry Information sheet.  This form contains in depth information needed to send your package safely to us.  The MGD Keepsake Jewelry Information sheet will also be emailed to you with your courier collection waybill.

How much do you need to send?


We will need 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon of ash for each item. Please DO NOT send more than this, unless you have an unusually large order.  If you are unsure, please email us.

We can work with however much you have so please contact us via email if you are worried that your amount is too small.

If you are sending something irreplaceable, please do not send us all of what you have!  We have no control over the courier service and although we have never had any unfortunate incidents, we can only take responsibility for your package when it is with us.  All unused ashes will be sent back to you with your order.



We will need approximately 20ml of milk for each item.  10ml is the minimum and 50ml the maximum that can be sent to us.

We will not send back any remaining milk back home, preserved or non preserved and reserve the right to dispose of any unused milk.

We understand this means sometimes only a very small amount will be sent to us, which will be perfectly fine for your order.



A ‘tuft’ of hair with a minimum length of 1cm.  We can combine hair from more than one person.


Half a teaspoon for 1 – 2 pieces


Enough to cover approximately 1 teaspoon and please ensure they are fully dried.


More information on the above is provided after an order is placed 

Kid's Drawings

As soon as you have placed your online order, you forward the artwork to with your order number as reference.

The picture doesn’t have to be a specific format or size, but we do ask that you hold your camera perpendicular to the drawing when you take the photo, or that you scan the picture to your computer.  As all artworks vary, we will send you a sample of what the piece will look like for approval before starting on the final piece

Attention to detail:

We understand that this is an emotional process for you, and we would like to make it as simple as possible for you, and also give you peace of mind.

As soon as we have received your parcel, we will update your online order to let you know that your parcel arrived safely.

Your parcel will stay sealed in it’s envelope, in a safe and secure filing space until we are ready to work with it.

Once your Silver elements are done, and we are ready for the next step, all work surfaces is thoroughly cleaned and sterilized so that we, and you, have the peace of mind that there is NEVER any chance of cross-contamination. 

Your parcel contents is handled with care and respect during the process, and work surfaces are again cleaned and sterilized after your order is complete.

Frequently asked questions:

You can see our Frequently asked questions HERE

Megan is no stranger the loss of loved ones and beloved pets.  In October 2003 she lost her brother in a tragic car accident, and more recently, in June 2017, she lost her dad to a heart attack. 

‘I believe that by creating a tangible Keepsake Jewelry item, I also create an intangible experience of having your loved one close to you when you need it most.  By doing what I do, I am helping people heal in the most personal way possible, which in turn, heals me.’  – Megan

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