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We have the ability to engrave onto various items in our range with absolute precision.

Engraving include details such as fingerprints, logos, personal messages, handwriting and nose or paw prints.

Engraving is a very exact way of personalizing your items.  Classic and timeless, all engraving at MGD is done with a CNC engraving machine specifically designed for jewellery.

The completed and polished items (ie. ring) is placed in the machine, and a specialty tool then removes metal by scribing on the surface of the metal to deliver evenly spaced lettering and precise graphics with a uniform look and a consistent depth.  Although precise, and perfectly formed, engraving is not always deep. 

Engraving takes a long time, and most of that time it spent on the graphics using specialized software and programming for the CNC engraving machine.  Therefore, you will most often be charged for a ‘Set Up’ and an ‘Engraving’ fee.

Smooth and polished surfaces is ideal for engraving.  Engraving on hammered or textured surfaces is not recommended, as well as any rings thinner than 4mm wide.

Please note that our engraving is done with a CNC Engraving machine and NOT a Laser engraving machine.

Sterling Silver Keepsake Imprint Tag Bracelet
Sterling Silver Keepsake Imprint Tag Bracelet

The bigger the surface area of an item allows for bigger letters that stands out and looks bold. The light is catching this tag perfectly to show the engraving.

The same Dog Tag from a different angle.  Note that you can see that it is only the surface which has been scribed. 

Cost of engraving

The cost of engraving depends on the type of engraving we have to do.

There is always a machine set up fee, and standard engraving is charged per character.  

Contact us for a quote for your engraving requirements.

Megan has written extensively on the different metal marking options on offer.

You can find and read them in the MGD Gems (Blog)

Fingerprint Engraving

Fingerprint Engraving

Fingerprints engraved on the outside or inside of rings.

Kid's Drawings Engraving

Instead of sticking it on the fridge, you can now wear it as a pendant.

Handwriting Engraving

Want to leave a special gift for someone with your handwriting on? We've go you covered!

Bangle or Cuff Engraving

Engrave an inspirational quote on the outside, or a secret message on the inside.

Zippo Lighter Engraving

Zippo Lighter Engraving

Spoil that special someone with a personalized message on a Zippo Lighter.

Inside and Outside Ring Engraving

Ring Engraving

Share a special message on the inside or on the outside of a ring.

Custom Engraving

Do you have an idea of your own? Let us make it a reality with Custom Engraving.

The Perfect Gift

Engraving offers so many options to make the perfect gift.

Calendar Engraving

Remember that special date with calendar engraving. Perfect as anniversary gifts.

Cuff link Engraving

Share the love with a gift to the Father of the bride or to the groomsmen to remember that special day with.

Paw Print or Nose Print Engraving

Remember your special fur baby with an engraved paw or nose print.

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