Reflections and looking forward

2018 was a year of growth and reflection for myself and MGD.  It was a year of trying different styles, finding my feet, and discovering my niche. It was a year of internal struggles between my monstrous ambition and my desire to live a more simple life.  

I discovered more strengths of my personality, and kept reminding myself that life is a personal journey, and there is no point in comparing my journey with someone else’s.  The below poster is stuck to my studio wall, and I wish to share this with you: 

No such thing.fw

2019 is the year to start giving back

I have decided that it is not enough that I try and run my studio as ‘green’ as possible, but it is also time for MGD to start giving back to the environment.  

Animal sanctuaries is on top of the list in 2019, and I will strive to make a difference.   Besides from eating a more plant based diet in my personal life, I have already started exploring ideas and designs, and looking for sanctuaries that is close to my heart.  

I am super excited for this, and it will manifest as a collection all on its own injected with my own personal flair of jewelry making.

Not following the latest trends...

Those who know me, will know that I am not your ‘bunnies and flowers’ kinda girl.  I am the rebel, the rule breaker, and someone who loves to be different from the crowd.  This will also be the premise going forward in my business.

I have never ‘followed the latest summer trends’, but have always drawn inspiration from the natural elements, universal energy, experiences, stones, nature around me, and I believe that MGD is a brand on it’s own that speaks a different language.  In 2019, I will explore different textures and media to add into my designs, and focus on One Of A Kind timeless pieces that can be worn all year around.


May 2019 be filled with love and abundance, may your personal relationships be fulfilling, and may we all see the lessons that must be learnt in our short earthly journey.

In love and light, Megan. x

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