Keepsake Cremation Ash Infused Organic Coin Necklace

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Keepsake Cremation Ash Infused Organic Coin Necklace

First of its kind in South Africa, our Keepsake Cremation Ash Infused Organic Coin Necklace is exactly as the name says.

Several proprietary methods are used to infuse approximately 4.5g – 5g of metal with cremains and are then intuitively formed into an organic coin or oval shape giving your coin an organic and rustic feel. 

This product is only suited for cremation ashes.

The surface of the Sterling Silver option is oxidized to enhance any surface details. Gold does not oxidize.

Size: Approximately 15mm – 20mm / >5g metal

Materials:  Sterling Silver | 9ct Yellow Gold

Hand Stamping: Available – Contact us for a quote.

Engraving: Not Available 

Personalized Colour:  n/a.

Keepsake type: * 

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Monday – Thursday, 08:00 – 16:00
No collections Fridays, Weekends or Public Holidays.

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Keepsake inclusions comes in many different hues and website photos are examples and for illustration purposes only.  By purchasing this Keepsake, you Keepsakes are made and cast by hand, which allows for each item to be a unique piece of art. Due to the unique nature of your personal inclusions, your stone will be completely unique to you.

While we do our very best to replicate your chosen colour and design request, the result will be determined by the elements included in your piece and the way they settle in your stone. For visual effect, white, grey, and light blonde hair/fur/wool is not always suitable to be captured inside resin as is tends to absorb the resin and turn translucent.

All MGD products are handmade / handcrafted so imperfections, slight variations in product colouring, sizing, setting styles, setting hights and thickness and design style adds to the fact that your product is one-of-a-kind.  Photos are digitally enhanced for computer screens.

3 reviews for Keepsake Cremation Ash Infused Organic Coin Necklace

  1. Kayla Hendricks (verified owner)

    So amazing. Delicate, pretty and so special with the packaging and everything.

  2. Mark John Calitz (verified owner)

    Amazing work done by Megan. Really beautiful pieces. Love love love it . Service and craftsmanship is absolutly stunning . Megan was so friendly and thoughtful. Kept us informed of the progress every step of the way . Was wonderful . Would highly recommend Megan and her work any day .

  3. Candace Liddle (verified owner)

    Such a wonderful treasured keepsake.

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