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One Of A Kind
The abbreviation OOAK stands for the expression, “one of a kind.” The term originates in yachting in 1949 to describe a regatta race in which ship builders were allowed to enter as many different models of yachts into the regatta as they manufactured, but no more than one of each model (hence, “one of a kind”). While not everyone will know this yachting term or what OOAK means, it IS a common term used in the art and craft world.

OOAK (One Of A Kind) items from Megan Goldner Designs are all items designed with the individual in mind.

Made out of hand cut stones and once off ideas, these items forms part of our Collectors range that happens when inspiration strikes and creativity flows and time allows.

Below you will see a collection of items that was created, info on the piece, and these were already sold to someone out there in the world.

Although I have started to Name and/or number these pieces, there are quite a few out there that was made, sold and never even made it to the photo booth or onto the website.

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Thank you for looking through my work!

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