Introductions done and dusted


Welcome to my very first blog entry for Megan Goldner Designs!

I am Megan Göldner, the creative designer, the CVO (Chief Visionary Officer), the manufacturer and my own tea lady 😀

My work is inspired by shapes, sizes, textures, colors, sounds and feelings that is evoked when I look at an object.  My desire is to create something you will cherish, something that will assist you on your life journey,  a heirloom that will be treasured and handed down for many generations.

With an internet based shop (no brick and mortar for me!), it can get quite tricky sometimes to build relationships with my clients, seeing that I don’t get to meet them in person very often.   Facebook is a wonderful tool to learn customer buying trends, and what they like, and what they would rather give a miss, but a lot of the time, my clients will engage in conversation from the page, and I have made so many real life friends in that manner, it almost unbelievable.

Thank you for sharing in my journey.



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