Fingerprint and Handwriting Jewellery

Fingerprint, pawprint and handwriting jewellery is a great way to carry that special message from a loved one or pet with you and we here at Megan Goldner Designs is all about Keepsakes 😉

We use a combination of machine engraving, hand engraving, marking, etching and/or stamping to achieve the best possible result.

To see the difference between all the methods, you can read out blog post:  The difference between Engraving, Hand Stamping and Etching here.

So how do you how what a good quality vs a bad quality picture is to send to us?

Lets explore this:

How to:

There are several different ways to send us a good fingerprint:

  1. Scan the print.  Crop the image to show the print only and then upload / email to us.
  2. Hold you phone perpendicular to the fingerprint and take a clear photo.  Make sure that there are no shadows on the fingerprint / page, and that the camera is zoomed in on the print only.  Try not to shake 🙂

The easiest way to take a fingerprint is with a pencil, a piece of tape and paper.  Below a quick infographic to show the process.

This method can also be used for taking pawprints.

Another easy way is to coat the finger / paw in ink or non-toxic water based paint.  It the paint is too thick, you can use water to make it more viscous.

Fingerprint quality

The best option is to send us a digitally rendered fingerprint / pawprint of your loved one or pet.  This will ensure the best quality engraving.

If you do not have a copy of the fingerprint, you are welcome to send us a digital fingerprint from the internet that you like.


Here we have example of fingerprints that is completely unsuitable for engraving.

The prints and completely smudged with indistinguishable lines.  The photos is also badly lit with many shadows on the edges of the pages.

Please note that we need the print to be as clear as possible.  Sometimes we will need to send your print to a graphic designer to have it digitally renered and/or cleaned up before we can engrave.  This service will incur extra cost over and above the engraving cost quoted.

Handwriting quality

Bad example of handwriting

This bad example of handwriting picture is poorly lit, and the handwriting is not close up. While we can work with an image like this, we recommend sending a more zoomed in image as it will result in higher quality engraving.

Good example of handwriting

This image works best because it is a close up, clear, well lit photograph of just the writing that should be included in the engraving. If the engraving you would like comes from multiple sections of a sample, we recommend taking multiple close-up pictures of the wording you would like included and sending them all to us.


Here we have examples of handwriting pictures that is completely unsuitable for engraving.

The handwriting is unclear, poorly lit and half of the words and/or signatures are cut off in the photos.

Examples of handwriting rings:

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