How to measure your ring size

Selecting the correct ring size can be a tricky task. In South Africa, we traditionally measure ring sizes by using letters of the alphabet.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer a ring sizing service, and we strongly suggest that you go to your nearest jeweller and have the correct letter size measured for your finger.   Megan Goldner Designs do not take responsibility for incorrect ring sizes ordered. 

In the event that the incorrect ring size is chosen, the rings may be returned to us, and a re-sizing fee will be quoted.  Courier fees as per standard pricing will apply to all ring sizing services, which will be for the customer’s account.

Please see our Warranties and Returns for more information

Important RING SIZING information

Rings listed as ‘Adjustable’ means that they can be adjusted to fit any finger size.

Ring sizing can get tricky when it comes to stacking rings. As well as mixing and matching a range of wonderful colors and styles, you may want to choose various sizes to wear on different hands and fingers.

To put simply, a specific measure taken in millimeters is associated with one particular letter. These measures are the same across South Africa, give or take a few millimeters. As rings come in a variety of shapes, styles, and designs, the measurements may vary slightly.

All stacking rings and rings wider than 5mm are automatically increased with 1/2 – 1 full size up in the manufacturing process to accommodate the width.  Please order your normal ring size and we will make the adjustment on our side.

Inlay rings are stunning, and can be customized with an array of inserts like different semi precious stones, ashes, breast milk, colors etc.  Inlay rings sometimes takes weeks to make due to the different layers and techniques that goes into making them, and due to the nature, structure of these rings, they are not sizable

Please make sure of your CORRECT RING SIZE before ordering these rings.

If you ordered the incorrect ring size, the ring and inserts will have to be returned to us, and a R599.00 fee will be charged to resize and re-do the inlay.

Size Comparisons

We understand that talking about millimeters, centimeters, diameter and circumference can be confusing sometimes, so we have measured the South African coins in order to give you easily accessible size comparisons:

10c coin – 16mm / 1.6cm

20c coin – 19mm / 1.9cm

R1 coin – 20mm / 2cm

R2 coin – 23mm / 2.3cm

R5 coin – 26mm / 2.6cm