Size Guide

How to measure your ring size 

Selecting the correct ring size can be a tricky task. In South Africa, we traditionally measure ring sizes by using letters of the alphabet.

Below is a quick guide to help you measure your ring size:

  • On warm days or during exercise, your fingers may be swollen – so it is advisable that you do not attempt to measure your finger size under these conditions.
  • Cut a piece of string or a thin strip of paper.
  • Wrap the piece of string / paper around the finger where you are planning to wear the ring.
  • Make sure the string / paper is not too tight or too loose.
  • Use a marker to draw a line on the string / paper where it completes the circle around your finger.
  • Measure the string / paper with a ruler (in mm). This is the circumference of the ring.
  • Use the converter table below to determine your ring size and order the ring size closest to what we have available.
  • NB: Please bear in mind that broad and stack rings will require extra width on your finger!  We automatically add a 1/2 size for any broad or stack rings ordered.  We do not offer a ring sizing service, and we strongly suggest that you go to your nearest jeweler and have the correct letter size measured for your finger.
  • NB:  Megan Goldner Designs does not take responsibility for incorrect ring sizes chosen.
  • In the event that the incorrect ring size is chosen, the rings may be returned to us, and a re-sizing amount will be quoted upon receipt of the rings.  Please note that shipping costs will be your responsibility.
  • Please see our Warranties and Returns for more information.

Size Guide:

Size Circumference in mm
A 41
B 43
C 44
D 45
E 46
F 47
G 48
H 49
I 51
J 52
K 53
L 54
M 56
N 57
O 58
P 59
Q 61
R 62
S 63
T 64
U 66
V 67
W 68
X 69
Y 70
Z 71

Most common ring sizes for ladies:  Size J – Size S

Most common ring size for gents:  Size T – Size X

The chain lengths we have available are:

45cm, 50cm, 55cm, 60cm, 65cm, 70cm & 75cm

How to measure your bangle size 

If you need a different size from our standard sizes, please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.

Please note that bigger sizes may incur costs.