Each piece you buy from us is handmade. This means that no two products will ever be the same.

High quality pigmentation is used sourced from all over the world that is resistant to fading and/or color change.  Please make sure you read our Jewelry Care Guide to see how to care for your resin pieces.

 Although we put a lot of time and dedication into our work, there may be something which sets apart one piece from the next. It could be a small bubble, color variation or a seam which is a little evident.

Buying handmade, means buying an extension of an artists expression. 

Each item you send us will also be different from the next person’s, so please remember we cannot replicate an exact version of something you may see on our store as colors & materials will always vary. 

Thank you for choosing handmade.

The MGD Color chart ©

Please note that most inclusions are organic in nature, so there might be slight imperfections or unevenness. Breast Milk  and Memorial ash comes in many different hues and the pictured pendants on this website are examples only.  Each pendant is cast by hand, which allows for each pendant to be a unique piece of art. 

Glitters is not a color, and is only reflective flecks in a spesific colore.  Glitters will be casted with a complimenting color in the same hue unless otherwise specified.

All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only… Actual product coloring may vary slightly due to visual enhancement of computer screens and photo image.   All our products is handmade and slight variations and imperfections may occur. 

For visual effect, White and Grey hair is not always suitable to be captured inside resin as is will sometimes turn translucent.